1.Ancestor Tao’s holy land. Welcome to visit the ancestor Tao’s sanctuary scenic spot. Fan Li’s statue. As you can see, in front of us, there is a statue of Fan Li up to 8.8 meters. His countenance is imperatorial, gazing into the distance and recreating his super general demeanour.This magnificent statue of Fan Li is the landmark of Ancestor Tao's holy land. Muli Cave is a wonderful cave, with a dazzling array of stalactites, constituting more than 30 landscapes. The diversity of stalactite is also a result of crustal movement, for a long time, the limestone gradually dissolved in the groundwater, the calcium carbonate in the rock has been dissolved, then the stalactite has been formed after millions of years of precipitation and crystallization .All the landscapes here are masterpieces of nature.Therefore, Muli Cave is called "Natural Art Palace", which has been developed for more than 1 million years and is now in its mature period.Different from other karst caves in Yixing, Muli Cave is a cave in Huanglong Group of limestone series. The stalactite in the cave is condensed from evaporated calcium carbonate dripping from limestone, the stratigraphic level is inclined gently and the cavern is low.There is plenty of water resource in the cave, forms the natural scenery of “a small bridge hanging over the flowing stream”.

2.Penglai Palace.The ceiling in the penglai palace is formed by flowing water from the underground river of 210 million years. The pattern is distinctive and durable.It's like the ancient sea dragon palace as well as the night view of Huangpu River in modern Shanghai.In particular, our tourists should notice that in our Muli cave, waterway boat is different!That is to say, "the boat is in the water, the slurry is in the sky."The helmsman is punting in the sky with a unique style.

3.Iron Rod.This water column in the middle is the iron rod of the dragon king of the East China Sea.The golden cudgel of Sun Wukong in Journey to the West is the most precious treasure of the water immortal palace.

4.Collapse palace. We come to the collapse palace, and we know that the formation of the cave is due to the dissolution and collapse.The old view of the underground cavern is the result of dissolution of the cave, and the landscape that unfolds before us is formed by the collapse.Historically, local landslides are caused by earthquakes and other causes.It may not seem quite complete, but the rocks here are very stable and solid, as many geological experts have proved.

5.Lantern Festival Palace.People in the Temple of Heaven are holding the annual Lantern Festival.There are a lot of lanterns in the lantern fair. There are Baolian lamp, lotus lamp, toad lamp, money hoist toad lamp, fox lamp, dancing lion with embroidered ball.My tourist friend, how many lights can you find?

6.Wuyue Palace.This is called five mountains supporting the sky,five mountains rising from ground,rushing into the sky. Dongyue Taishan, Xiyue Huashan, Nanyue Hengshan, Beiyue Hengshan, Zhongyue Songshan,are our country's five famous mountains.

7.Yuqin Palace.It is said that Fan Li retired to Yixing to live in seclusion.Here we have white jade blazing, beads hanging upside down, flower windows reflecting the moon, silver candle palace lamp. The legendary goes that it is the place where Fanli and Xishi often meet with each other, but lack of modern household appliances is a fly in the ointment. Fan Li was studious all his life, even if took refuge, he didn’t forget to read books.The palace was originally connected with the skylight, the sunshine is abundant, just like a study, which can be an ideal place for reading. Xishi is versatile and particularly fond of playing the piano.Quiet cave and flowing spring water make it an ideal place for playing.If you savor the sound of the flowing water, you might think that it is the music of Xi Shi.

8.Yushu Palace.Here is Yushu Qionglin, hundreds of thousands of years ago, it is the original forest. Boundless forest sea and secluded forest palace make it the ancient forest park of the world cave.

Lake stones Palace.Muli cave is a typical limestone cave with underground river, which belongs to Huanglong limestone.Formed by collapse and dissolution, the whole cave is washed by flowing water.It has a beautiful shape and a unique landscape.Please take a look at wondrous and spacious mountain. YiXing mountain area is known as bamboo sea, bamboo shoots grow on bamboo hill and sky cave palace. It is as white as jade, fresh and tender,taking fifty years to grow a centimeter. This is called "bamboo shoots after rain", but unfortunately, it is not tasty.It seems that Fan Li and Xi Shi plant a lot on the mountain. Until now, we can’t finish eating them.

10.Star palace.Please look up to the sky, the moon shines like water and stars hanging on the sky.The stalactites above are like the stars in the sky, which we call the "Stars palace".

Xi Shi well. There is a well here, called Xi Shi well.The water drips slowly from the rocks above, as clear as crystal.It is said that the water is used for Xishi's bath, free from pollution.If you wash your hands here, when you return, you can do things much easier.

12.Dragon&Elephant Palace. Here we call it Dragon&Elephant Palace.The dragon bed is the place where the old dragon sleeps. These are pieces of dragon scale after it has just left. It is the erosion of underground rivers hundreds of thousands years ago that formed this unique landscape.This is a pair of white elephants grown by dripping water. Look at the elephant’s nose. It grows 1 cm every 50 years.You can measure it if you don’t believe and take a glance after 50 years. Dear visitors, the first feature of the cave is that the whole hole runs through the water, and it is the west spring. The place where we stand is a long underground river in history.

13.Thousand-tortoise pool.Thousand-tortoise pool is round outside but square inside,its shape is like an old coin. Inside there is a thousand gold stone tortoise. On the tortoise's back lies a little tortoise, meaning a long and healthy life with a lot of descendants.

14.Bamboo maze.The bamboo forest labyrinth consists of emerald bamboo and bamboo raft. In the palace, the natural green forest is dense, tall and graceful,simple and elegant, winding and intricate.According to the character "tao" of Taoism, it needs wisdom and boldness to get out.The"gossip array" or "confused array" can let you completely calm down and purify your mind. It is a magic palace with a combination of wisdom, patience, culture, fun, and fitness. It can be regarded as the most interesting maze of bamboo forests in the south of the Yangtze River.

15.Bamboo tip corridor."bamboo tip corridor" is one of the unique scenic spots in Ancestor Tao’s holy land. A wild profusion of vegetation and green sea,endless beautiful scenery and quiet environment stretch a green area of 60 thousand acres.The total length of "Bamboo tip corridor" is 400 meters, the height is staggered, winding and undulating, the highest is 15 meters, which is divided into three types: waterproofing plank trestle road, bamboo bar trestle road and glass trestle road, the width of the trestle road is 1.2 to 4 meters. It is a unique view of bamboos and the surrounding natural scenery.Trekking in the rugged and deep bamboo pole trestle road and in transparent clean glass trestle road, just gives a feeling of entering in the original bamboo forest, natural and graceful, quiet and beautiful,thoughtful and courageous,straight and tenacious. No fallen leaves in winter,evergreen for four seasons, as if we have been in heaven and earth, both exciting and romantic, breathtaking and unforgettable. Walking in the air to see bamboo, standing in bamboo tip to see the sea, "bamboo tip corridor" is a collection of hiking, sightseeing, leisure, science education in an integrated "Bamboo Sea Grand View Garden."