Ancestor Tao’s holy land, Mu Li’s heaven cave

  Located at the junction of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui provinces as well as Hufu Town of Yixing City in the center of the Huning-Hangzhou Triangle. The holy land has an area of 200 thousand square meters and 28km from Yixing City. It was once a secluded place for Fan Li and Xishi.It is the place filled with rich original ecological tourism resources and cultural deposits.She takes the lush pristine mountain forest as the environmental keynote, the beautiful karst geology and geomorphology, the stone forest and the karst cave as the typical landscape representative. The collection of thick forest and slender bamboo, the strange stone of Tai lake, the Ancestor Tao’s culture, the Buddhism culture, the karst cave culture,Fan Li and Xi Shi seclusion relics make the natural scenery and the humanities landscape intertwine with each other, its landscape characteristic is summarized as "natural, graceful, romantic, magical", and presents the four seasons charm "green spring, shade summer,red autumn, white winter" in a magnificent picture.

  The scenic spot has beautiful natural scenery, romantic love story, natural heaven cave, profound ancestor Tao’s culture, novel FanLi culture gallery, wonderful Fan Li pottery workshop, primitive Fan Li ancient kiln, rare stone forest spectacle, beautiful bamboo gallery, elegant Fan Li villa. All these merits make the scenic spot a bright pearl in the cave world of Yixing.The territory is green and watery, simple and natural, quiet and elegant, green and lush, bamboo flickering, colorful and beautiful,various categories and high grade. With unique scenic tourism resources,it enjoys the reputation of "Best scenery in the South of Yangtze River" and "China's first love hole".The main scenic spots are Muli cave, Fan Li Cultural Gallery, Fan Li Sculpture Square, Xishi Waterscape Square, crane tower, Fan Li pottery workshop, shooting ground, Fan Li ancient Kiln, Tai lake stone forest, Bamboo Gallery and other sixty scenery spots, etc.

  Under the vast sky, a city full of historical and heavy sense of imitation of Han Dynasty building, covered with war dust, hunting flag, giving an impression of magnificent and spectacular. All of a sudden,we have been brought to the changing times of Wuyue hegemony,to another mysterious and romantic world.Strolling in the city tower, we can have a panoramic view of both distant mountain and nearby water.Standing on the tower, it is the Great General Fanli in Spring and Autumn period who has eye contact with you. His miracle life can be translated as sacrifice for the country, saving the country at the price of love, running the pottery business at Yixing, serving as prime minister in Qi, creating a career as a business man. People call Fan Li “Tao Zhu Gong”with unparalleled worship and gratitude for the sage who prospered the pottery for the nation. Along the stone steps, we set foot on the successful road of Fan Li and Xi Shi. Across Fan Li Bridge we arrive to the square, looking up at this 8.8 meters high statue called "First Fan Li statue in East China"built with purple sands to feel the greatness and affectionate of Fan Li.Surrounded by a group of vivid purple sand reliefs, it vividly recreates the glorious history of Fan Li and Xi Shi who started the pottery business in Yi Xing. It is breathtaking.

  Along the path paved with cobblestones, a giant stone lies on the right side with the eight characters “precious stones, picturesque scenery”written by the Shanghai calligrapher Wang Yilin, comes into view. This is to say that ancestor Tao's sacred landscape is picturesque, sparkling like a gem!!!

When it comes to Xishui Waterscape Square and takes a rest at the pavilion of the waterfall, I see four characters “great scenery of cave heaven”written by Chen Congchow, a famous garden expert on the cliff wall. The waterfall of the cliff flows down. This is so-called "thousands of waves come up and the Milky way open with a smile upside down."

  The front Jintang Mountain is covered in the mountains,the original natural ecological landscape followed by the mountains and forests will let you enter into the romantic love corridor of Fan Li and Xi Shi. It is remarkable that the west side of Jintang Mountain grows a lot of trees and the east side of Jintang Mountain grows a lot of green bamboos, as if Fan Li and Xi Shi accompanied forever. Jin Tong Mountain is a romantic couple forest. A cluster of world famous bamboo,swaying affectionately,bearing different postures, makes you feel like walking into the famous bamboo museum.

  Walking down to Jintang Mountain and walking through Fan Li's pottery workshop, not only can you enjoy the works of famous artists, but also learn about ceramic art, and understand the unique ceramic history and culture of Yixing. You can touch the unique purple sand of pottery in the world under the guidance of ceramic artists.Smelling the fragrance of soil and approaching the ancient technology of making purple sand,you can give full play of your imagination and create your own masterpiece, tasting the feeling of being an artist, then take your work home for eternal remembrance.

  Billions of years ago, the stone of Tai Lake on Jintang Mountain passed through the erosion of Tai Lake water, the crustal moves before it revealed its extraordinary appearance. Thousands of different forms, marvelous beauty spectacular and dense forest make it the rare stone forest of Taihu Lake in East China, "Four characteristics “strange, leaking, permeable, thin " force the world to sigh for the magic power of nature's creation.

  The formation of Muli cave began after the formation of limestone in Huanglong Group 210 million years ago.This magnificent, fantastic underground palace group has been mysteriously treasured in Jintang Mountain for more than 200 million years.These masterpieces of nature, without the slightest artificial decoration, known as the original "natural art palace."In particular, the stalactite, the stalagmites, the stone column, the stone mantle, the stone flowers, thousands of postures are exquisitely carved, constituting more than 30 landscape, nine palaces, interesting and beautiful.

  Entering the mysterious and beautiful underground world of Muli Cave,walking through the Expectation Bridge where Xishi stood in ancient times, a romantic adventure begin to deploy in front of us.Walking through the Dragon&Elephant Palace, Stars Palace, Lake Stone Palace, Yushu Palace,Yuqin Palace, Wuyue Palace, Yuanxiao Palace, Collapse Palace, finally we come to our Penglai Palace in the cruise ship.The boat is in the hole, and the strange feeling of oars punting to the sky filled our eyes. Penglai Palace was the longest underground river in Yixing. It shimmered in the sky, and snow lilies blossomed in the water.This is the crystal palace of the mysterious sea dragon king in legend.Taking a leaf boat, rippling with the waves, leaving from Penglai Palace, we suddenly enter into another world, as if out of the belly of the mountain, and back to earth.

  The underground river flowing from Muli cave converges into the source of Li River, and Yixing pottery goes to the whole nation through Li River to become famous in the world.

By looking at one scenic spot after another, we find that the overall design here is original. According to the respect for history, the designers excavate Fan Li and Xi Shi culture with literature as the soul. He intercepts the historical and cultural elements of FanLi and XiShi’s contribution to the local pottery business in Yixing. By the integration and combing, he aggregates the rich and thick cultural background, and takes Fan Li and Xi Shi's life story as the mainstream. In particular, Fan Li, the general of the Spring and Autumn period, Xi Shi, the head of the four beautiful women in the history of China, organized a series of magnificent historical paintings in Yixing, which are displayed intuitively and vividly in front of us, so as to trace back to the national destiny that could be sung and sobbed. Here, you can see Fan Li and Xi Shi; Here, you can see the spectacular scene of Wu Yue War; Here, you can see the secret of Fan Li's business method. From this perspective, ancestor Tao’s holy land is a representative picture of a three-dimensional ecotourism area, an endless "art palace", a natural textbook that can never be finished, and a historical mirror of the Spring-Autumn and warring States period.It reflects the glory of Fan Li and Xi Shi in Yixing pottery. We experience and benefit a lot, having meaningful afterthoughts. We wonder about in an ecstasy of delight and forget to leave.

Entering in ancestor Tao’s Holy Land, you can come back to a dynasty, fulfill your dream of Spring-Autumn and warring States. However, when we go out of history and return to the blue sky and white clouds, we are facing a fresh and bright world. Although yesterday has become a history, we should review the section of Fan Li's historical culture, look back and rethink of it. Not only can people enjoy the art, but also a profound understanding of patriotism and national pride as well as self-confidence.

This is the charm of ancestor Tao’s holy land in Yixing.

Brief introduction of "bamboo tip corridor"

  “Bamboo tip corridor” is one of the unique scenic spots in Ancestor Tao's holy land. Located in the "National Ecological Village" in Zhuhai Village,a wild profusion of vegetation and green sea,endless beautiful scenery and quiet environment stretch a green area of 60 thousand acres. The total length of "Bamboo tip corridor" is 400 meters, the height is staggered, winding and undulating with the highest point of 15 meters, which can be divided into three types: waterproofing plank trestle road, bamboo bar trestle road and glass trestle road. The width of the trestle road is 1.2 to 4 meters. It has a unique view of bamboos and the surrounding natural scenery.Trekking in the rugged and deep bamboo pole trestle road and in transparent clean glass trestle road just give a feeling of entering in the original bamboo forest, natural and graceful, quiet and beautiful,thoughtful and courageous,straight and tenacious. No fallen leaves in winter,evergreen for four seasons, as if we have been in heaven and earth, both exciting and romantic, breathtaking and unforgettable.

  Walking in the air to see bamboo, standing in bamboo tip to see the sea, "bamboo tip corridor" is a collection of hiking, sightseeing, leisure, science education in an integrated "Bamboo Sea Grand View Garden."